New English language courses in London for students over 50

English courses for adults in LondonMore and more people of any age, every year choose to learn English abroad as a second language and this is the reason why they take a learning holiday in England, home land of English.
London is the favourite destination for young students, but also for adults who already completed their studies and want to leave a cultural and language experience abroad anyway, or simply take a holiday in the charming and multicultural British capital.
So, London is the city collecting the largest number of English schools for foreigners in England, but just some of the courses offered present a full, high quality language programme, able to satisfy young and adults’ needs.
For mature students who wish to stay even just one week in London, and consequently do not want to sit in a classroom to learn notions and grammar rules on a book, a new course has been conceived called Cultural Experience “Over 50s”. Read more

Other Languages:

Full immersion inside the Russian language, with the new Intensive Russian Courses in Latvia

Intensive Russian Language Courses in LatviaRussian language is becoming more and more important in the world of international business and it is for such reason that many students coming from any corner of the world choose to start or develop their studies of Russian for professional reasons or just to complete their education path.

Russian is a very articulated language that requires a constant study, so the best solution for who wish to learn such language is a learning holiday in a Russian mother tongue country.

And, if for many people the favourite choice seems to be Russia, many other choose Latvia for their Russian language learning. Country with an almost dreamlike atmosphere, made special by its nature, Latvia and its capital Read more

Culture and Tourism in Santo Domingo with the new Course of Spanish for foreign students

Spanish language and culture course in Santo DomingoTo learn Spanish is one of the aims that thousands of people of any age wish to reach in order to improve their educational or professional degree, or just to enrich their culture.

Many people choose to leave for a learning holiday because it is known that in order to learn at best the language one wishes to speak, the ideal solution is cultural immersion in a country where this is the mother tongue.

Even more are those who do not know how to turn their learning holiday aimed to learn Spanish, into a real cultural experience. If you recognize yourself among them Read more

German Summer Courses in Vienna for teens between 12 and 17

German Summer Camps for kids and teensSummer has arrived and with her also the right time for teens to think about a stimulating holiday and, why not, may be about a learning holiday abroad to learn a second language.

For who is thinking about German as a favourite language to learn and for people who are attracted by the idea of having a learning holiday during this summer, Vienna is the perfect location.

Capital of Austria and a stunnng city, Vienna is considered to be the cultural capital of Europe. Every corner here talks about the city’s history, and from the first glance everyone can judge it as a special place.

Often considered to be a cold city with a rigid atmosphere, Vienna actually seems to be tailor-made on young  students who love to travel, have fun, study and fully plunge in a different culture from their own.

For who is between 12 and 17 Read more

A fully Spanish summer, thanks to the summer camps for teens in Barcelona!

Summer Camps for kids and teens in BarcelonaSummer, time for holidays, is arrived and as every year happens, Spain is a favourite destination for young people in order to spend their holidays abroad. Here people can find art, culture, extraordinary architectural beauties and of course, the famous Spanish movida. But, which is the Iberian city representing at best such features? Barcelona, obviously!

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world, cause it is able to combine the maximum fun and the cultural richness one would expect from a learning holiday abroad. So, if you can have everything in one solution, why don’t you think about a learning holiday in Barcelona for this summer? The Spanish one is the second most widely spoken language in the world, it is a fresh, dynamic language, which perfectly represents the temperament of the people that have it as mother tongue. Choose to learn Spanish is a very smart choice both from the professional and cultural point of view.

Barcelona Read more

Afternoon French Courses in Paris

French language school in ParisLearning French language in Paris is a wonderful experience. Paris is a really beautiful city, with so many places of interest to visit that time at your disposal seems to be never enough. But sometimes students who choose to study French in Paris must sacrifice entire mornings of guided tours and journeys in order to stay in classroom for attending French lessons.

So, people whose desire is to meet their needs either as tourists and as students, or students who wish to have free mornings and learn French at school during the afternoon, will be pleased to know that there are French schools in Paris that organize Afternoon French Courses.

These courses Read more

Why an English Course in Dublin?

Learn English language in DublinMany people every year choose to live a learning holiday abroad alone or with their friends in order to start or complete their English language learning. This is a specific need originated by the increasing relevance of such language both in the working and scholastic field. So, many students leave for a learning trip in England, sometimes forgetting that Ireland - and above all Dublin, its capital city - is another wonderful place for experiencing a unique language trip abroad.

Dublin is an extraordinary city, currently living a period of strong economic growth and development. It is one of the major European centres and, more than an enviable location with wonderful landscapes, it has a long, deep history and tradition that turned it into one of the most important European cultural centers, during the years.
With a young and sophisticated atmosphere, today’ s Dublin is a city that seems to be tailored on people who love travelling while studying at the same time.

In fact, in Dublin it is possible to find several Read more

This summer get in touch with Fashion Design world thanks to the 2009 edition of Design Summer Courses in Milan

Fashion Design Summer Courses 2009 in ItalyA new innovative educational product has been launched for international students who wish to spend their summertime in Italy, while attending a course able to start or complete their artistic preparation in any field related to the world of Italian design.
Design Summer Programmes offered by NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts, in Milan) are at their 6th edition, for summer 2009. NABA’s collaboration with Central Martins London, The University of the Arts, is continuing for the 4th consecutive year, improving past programmes and offering new ones.
Courses for any need and preparation level expected by students are supported, starting from Introduction level and passing through Intermediate and Advanced level courses, all summer courses that students have the possibility to attend dependig on their initial level of knowledge on a specific subject. In fact, Design Summer Courses are 2-weeks summer programmes open to students with a high school diploma and from first and second year of university, and they give the possibility to choose among a great variety of new subjects to study and to get in touch with.
Just to mention some of the most interesting among them, think about the Introduction to Fashion Accesories Course - focused on the designing of contemporary accessories - whose objectives are: the anaysis of contemporary accessories design through the technical skills that are necessary to produce shoes and bags in Italy and future trends, designing a woman shoe or bag collection, designing a shape on a shoe last, demonstrating the new knowledge on made-in-Italy accessories design acquired throughout the course. Again, the Fashion Photography Studio, - focused on photography and at the end of which students will be called to choose a location to produce a photography/fashion photography project of their choice - the Fashion Textiles and Fibres Studio, - proposing an unusual opportunity to study, touch and acquaint oneself directly with materials that each have a distinct personality; this course develops for example, the skills to reuse wastage from textiles trade and create new ethical and commercial frontiers in global trade - the Graphic Art Design for Fashion Studio and the innovative Photography and the Moving Image for Beginners course.

Important to say that NABA’s education integrates the more traditional disciplines of visual representation with the new digital technologies and the critical-project culture of Italian Design, so it is the ideal recognized insitute for trying a deep total immersion inside Italian country and the famous world of well appreciated Italian design.
Spend a different learning holiday this year! For summer 2009, choose one of the special Design Summer Courses offered by one of the most renowned, high quality design academy in Milan. Choose NABA’s Design Summer Courses for painting your summer with bright colours this year!

Find more information about NABA and its Design Summer Courses in Milan on Learn Languages Abroad website.

Visit North Europe while studying Russian in Latvia

Learn Russian language in LatviaTo learn Russian language is everyday more and more important. Russian is by now entered the status of a language belonging to the international business field and it is one of the most demanded for interpreting, politics and economics. But, being a particular language, different from the most commonly known ones - such as French or Spanish - Russian language needs for a constant, high quality training in order to be absorbed, better if this happens in a country where one has the possibility to constantly practice the language. The best way in order to learn Russian, is then that of taking a beautiful learning holiday abroad. But, where? May be you are asking. Apart from Russia, in North of Europe there is a wonderful country belonging to the European Union, half of its population speaking Russian: this is Latvia.

Latvia has a very particular history, and a unique landscape. A wonderful country able to offer an enchanting mixture of history, nature and culture.

Green forests, lakes, waterways and the sea put together represent the natural scenery waiting for you, if you gonna choose this country as a destination for your Russian language studies. Moreover, Riga - Latvia’s capital - is a real beauty explosion, which offers to its visitors a safe and friendy environment and a rhythm of life controlled by relax.
In addition, Latvia Read more

England’s charming atmosphere and English language’s handiness join together to create new English language programmes in Cheltenham

Special English courses in CheltenhamEngland is commonly known as a favourite destination for students who wish to learn a second language, even if, while organizing their learning holiday abroad they usually tend to undervalue some of the “minor” but wonderful towns of the country, places that are really able to represent the ideal destination for living a holiday abroad while studying a foreign language at the same time. Think about Cheltenham among them, a picturesque village in the south-west of England.

More than an important cultural centre, Cheltenham is a town collecting some of the most prestigious English language schools of the country, educational institutes with a long experience in the field of English teaching as a foreign language, that offer a skilled and prepared staff of teachers and high quality well-advanced teaching methods.

Among the numerous English courses supported by such language schools Read more